How to Organize in 20 Minutes (or Less)!

It may be hard to believe you got to this point-— piles of clutter, crammed closets and overflowing drawers— so here's how to get organized in a cinch. What are you waiting for? The clock is ticking...

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If you have 30 seconds...

Sharpen Up Knife Storage
Make your kitchen safer and help knives keep their edge by storing them in a knife drawer. Catch-all drawers are really only good for one thing—hiding what you’re looking for. Keep sharp knives separate for safety and easy access.

Contain Plastic Bags
Contain all those empty grocery bags in a plastic bag container to clean up the space under your kitchen sink and keep them at your fingertips for reuse. Find yours at ContainerStore.com.

Untangle Jewelry
Put brooches and clips in an unused ice tray then place in a bureau drawer. The key here is to see and separate. You’ll be more inclined to wear what you know you have and can quickly grab.

Store Toilet Paper
Stash extra toilet paper quickly by stacking inside a clear cylinder vase or umbrella stand for a clean, modern look in the bathroom.

Take Control of the Remote
Toss all your remote controls in a pretty vase that will help to camouflage without hiding them from view. Keep it by the TV—because we all hate playing that game of "Who had it last?"

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