Are You a Dirty Fighter?

1. You get a little windfall from your tax return (hallelujah!). You’re thinking Paris; he’s thinking a massive flat-screen TV. You say:

When it comes to sex, you’d prefer a little less talk and a lot more...action. Your solution?

He’s a complete neat freak. You, not so much. He jokes that when he imagined his dream girl, she
didn’t come with that Mount Everest pile of clothes on the floor. You:

Though you’ve logged lots of hours with his family, you can’t remember the last time he spent any quality time with yours. You:

The two of you see his very pretty coworker at a bar. He’d say he was friendly; you’d say flirty. At home, you:

You get a haircut, and when he sees it, he doesn’t say squat. You:

You both want to see a movie. He suggests catching an educational documentary; you just want to turn your brain off after a long week. You:

While you’re spring cleaning (er, snooping), you find a shoebox full of his mementos. Love letters… pictures of exes…the works. You:

He went out with the guys Thursday night and gets home at the crack of dawn. You: