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Decor Q&A: Make a Small Space Look Bigger

Find inexpensive ways to maximize your small space.

Photo: Ellen Silverman

What are some inexpensive ways to make a small room seem bigger?

First, it’s a big misconception that painting with a dark color makes a room feel smaller. If you paint an accent wall or niche in a nice, deep color, like charcoal or dark brown, it emphasizes that wall and makes it appear bigger. Also, the more light, the better. If your ceilings are low, go with a ceiling fixture or recessed lights to create height. If your home is small and you want to paint each room a different color, make sure they don’t contrast abruptly from room to room. Try and stick to one color for the entire space. Fell in love with a color? Work off the paint strip you found it on and try painting each room one of those. Your rooms will look consistent and flow better throughout the space. Furniture helps a lot too. A small space doesn’t have to mean a small sofa. Utilize the scale of the room and bring in a piece that fits properly. Most of the time, one big sectional looks better than a bunch of smaller pieces.

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Nestpert: Taniya Nayak, host of HGTV’s upcoming series, Destination Design, and HGTV.com’s $100 Half Day Designs series

-- Taniya Nayak

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