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Decor Q&A: I need new color ideas!

The Nest Q&A

I need new color ideas! My bedroom set is all black and brown modern pieces. I have red bedding with a great big rose poster above the headboard and silver accents on the nightstand. If I wanted to keep my red duvet cover, what sheets or pillows could I get to spice it up?

You’re a winner on this one. With bold colors, you need something to offset or you lose the vibrancy. Gray or white is a perfect solution to tie in with the rest of the colors that can already stand alone. Vamp it up with a neutral patterned sheet or throw, rather than adding another spicy color.

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Nestpert: Taniya Nayak, host of HGTV’s upcoming series, Destination Design, and HGTV.com’s $100 Half Day Designs series

-- Taniya Nayak

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