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Decor Q&A: Help! Our apartment is so bland, and we can't paint!

The Nest Q&A

What can we do to inexpensively perk up a bland apartment that we can’t paint?

I’ve dealt with so many of these! One really affordable solution is to use fabric stretcher frames available at most art supply stores. Buy a fabric with a bold, colorful print, wrap it around the frame, and then staple it in the back. Do a series or one, big wall to add color and texture in a space. They’re even easier to change out than paint! I once redecorated a basement apartment that was really dark by covering a wall behind the sofa in stainless steel kitchen tiles from IKEA. It was a great embellishment that simply screwed into the wall. Try collaging walls in photos of friends and family too. Print them off at Kinko’s or your own computer -- you’d never know they weren’t professional photos once they’re in a frame.

Nestpert Taniya Nayak, host of HGTV’s upcoming series, Destination Design, and HGTV.com’s $100 Half Day Designs series

-- Taniya Nayak

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