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Decor Q&A: Where can I find stylish pet decor?

The Nest Q&A

We have a new puppy and an older border collie so I have dog toys everywhere! I need clever and cute ideas for beds and easy access toy storage that aren’t wicker, because some how that has turned out to be a chewable toy too.

Try a metal pail or galvanized beverage tub. Stencil on a dog bone or your pup’s names. Plus, it’s easy access for them to grab a toy and they definitely won’t want to chew it. For beds, try recovering old couch cushions or pillows as a napping spot in fabrics that match your room’s décor, rather than trying to disguise an unattractive dog bed.

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Nestpert: Taniya Nayak host of HGTV’s upcoming series, Destination Design and HGTV.com’s $100 Half Day Designs series.

-- Taniya Nayak

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