Design Challenge: Room with a View

Designer Mieke ten Have from mydeco.com takes this bedroom dilemma for a spin on the web and brings back a 3-D design plan.

The Challenge

One nestie complains: "My master bedroom is just too small to decorate how I want in there. For example, I really want a king-or-queen size bed, but I'm afraid it will look bad because it will block the windows. Is there anything I can do?"

The Solution

"I love small bedrooms for their intimacy, but they’re challenging if you don’t want a twin bed," says Mieke. Her advice: By liberating the bed from the wall, and choosing a frame with a low mattress height that falls beneath the windowsills, you won’t obstruct your view.


Look for a four-poster bed with a low mattress that doesn’t block the windows. The canopy will lift your eyes up and make the room appear loftier. Place the bed away from the walls to make it a focal point -- it is a bedroom after all!

Edland Four-Poster Bed Frame, $299, IKEA.com


With your bed in the middle

of the room, an area rug will help anchor it so it won’t feel “floaty.”

Greek Key Rug, $2,200, JonathanAdler.com


A canopy bed allows you to use the wall space between the two windows, since no headboard will be blocking it. Pop in a dresser, console or simple table to hold a reading lamp.

Whitewashed Directoire-Style Chest, $699, Wisteria.com

-- The Nest Editors

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