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Design Your Office for Success!

Use feng shui to help get your career in gear.

Photo: Mark Lund

Don't treat your home office like you would a regular workspace if you really want to get ahead. Try these creative, streamlined touches to guarantee you'll ace whatever's on your plate.

Manifestation Board
Pinning inspirational notes and photos of places you want to visit onto a cork board will inspire you to create.

Optimistic Brights
A multicolored office will energize you to work harder and help you bring your projects and goals to life.

Posh Extras
Adorn your desk with items that make you feel rich and successful. Think sterling silver frames or vases.

One in the back left corner of your desk will attract wealth; one in the back right corner will energize your marriage.

Discreet Electronics
Electromagnetic energy from your computer and other electronics can disrupt chi. Shut your laptop when you’re not on it and consider covering up your machines with a piece of fabric when they’re not in use.

Nestperts Jayme Barrett Los Angeles feng shui consultant and author of Feng Shui Your Life; JaymeBarrett.com

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