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How to Buy a Garden Fountain

What you need to know before springing for an in-ground spring.

In the market for an outdoor water feature? Watch out. Landscape professionals say over half are abandoned after three years. They’re high-maintenance, tend to leak, and are expensive to fix...not quite the ultimate trifecta.

If you really do want some sort of water feature, consider snagging something self-contained that you can buy at a store. It’ll likely be some sort of a sculpture or urn with a basin, with all the components (pump, tubes, motor) contained inside. Then, before the cold weather hits, dismantle it and store the whole thing indoors. If you simply must go the route of constructing an in-ground fountain, make sure to go with a reputable contractor, lest you be faced with potential leakage that could be costly.

Nestpert: Minnesota landscape designer Thomas McClain, owner of GROW Landscape Design and Installation.

-- The Nest Editors

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