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How to Buy a White Noise Machine

Whether you need one for a private office or to help you fall asleep, here's a basic guide.

First, consider whether you want a machine that purely makes white noise (which is more often actually pink noise, a higher frequency and a little less harsh), or if you want a machine that comes with the capability to make other noises, like rain or beach sounds. If it’s the latter that interests you, make sure to actually listen to the sounds and make sure you like them before purchasing the machine.

Another important thing to look for in a white noise machine is volume control. You really want one that allows you to change the volume level. You’ll probably want to start off with the machine at a lower level, then increase it as your ears become accustomed to the sound.

Finally, think about whether you want any special features on your white noise machine. You can get a very basic one that just provides noise or you can get something a little fancier with a clock or a light. One cool feature that some white noise machines have is a sun-mimicking light that starts to brighten before your alarm goes off, so that waking up is a natural, less jarring experience.

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-- The Nest Editors