How to Buy and Store Firewood

Get cozy (or, ahem, more than cozy) in front of your favorite living room fixture with advice from longtime seller Bob Weiss of BLW Firewood in Washington.

Photo: Behr

FIND IT Look for seasoned wood (alder, conifer, maple, or madrone are all good options), meaning that was cut at least six months earlier so that it has had the chance to dry out.

BUY IT The amount of wood you purchase depends on your storage space. A full cord is 4Ft x 4x4x8 feet, so plan accordingly. Keep in mind that for a four-hour fire, you’ll need about six logs.

SHIP IT Firewood weighs a LOT -- so plan to transport accordingly. Many firewood suppliers will deliver, which is by far the better option than doing it yourself.

STORE IT Keep your firewood off the ground so it doesn’t get wet or grow mold by placing it on pallets. And don’t cover the wood, which can lead to rot; a little rain won’t reach the inside of your logs.

DRY IT Keep a few logs next to the fire for handy access, which will also allow them to dry out if they’ve been sitting in cool air (or rain or snow).

-- The Nest Editors

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