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How to Buy Eco-Friendly Flooring

Want to update your stomping ground? Here’s the scoop on what’s new underfoot. What do bamboo and coconut have in common? They’re the biggest trends in eco-friendly flooring. Shocked? We are too. Check ’em out.

What it is:
Carpet that’s sold as tiles
Best spots: Just about anywhere, even the garage! Slap on the dot adhesives and pop them on the ground.
Keep it clean: The vacuum is your best bet. Dunk individual tiles in the sink for deep cleanings.
Cost: $60, Fuzzy Button 4-tile rug, FLOR.com
Why we’re lovin’ it: Perfect for the renter or duo who’s always shaking things up

What it is: A very fast-growing grass harvested over and over from one plant
Best spots: Dining room or bedroom
Keep it clean: Dust or vacuum.
Cost: $3 to $11 per square foot, Lowes.com, iFloor.com
Why we’re lovin’ it: So many shades to pick from! Now we get why the panda has been hoggin’ it.

Coconut Shell
What it is: Take a wild guess. Give up? It’s exactly what it sounds like: the outer coating of one of our fave tropical fruits. The shell is recycled, cut into smaller pieces and held together with an organic resin.
Best spots: Almost anywhere...even the bathroom, but the shower is off-limits!
Keep it clean: Treat it like you would wood: Dust often and mop.
Cost: $25 to $35 per square foot, NemoTile.com
Why we’re lovin’ it: As if the piña colada weren’t reason enough to love it!

What it is: Comes from the bark of a Mediterranean oak tree
Best spots: Kitchen, dining room or den. It provides a nice soft cushion for those always-on-your-feet, hangin’ around areas.
Keep it clean: Sweep, dust or vac.
Cost: $3 to $7 per square foot, iFloor.com
Why we’re lovin’ it: It’s finally time to move beyond the bulletin board and bottle stoppers. This new go-to material repels pesky insects and mold—plus, it’s fire-resistant too!

Nestpert: Matt Karlin, Nemo Tile

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-- Krissy Tiglias

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