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How to Buy a Feather Bed

Get the bed of your dreams with these quick tips for buying a feather bed.

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A feather bed is basically an added cushion that rests on top of your mattress but under your sheets for added comfort and extra cushion. To find one that fits your needs, first decide if you’re looking for support or if you want to sink into your feather bed. Then narrow down your choices with these tips.

What to look for

Choose a feather bed that is the same size as your bed. If you want real down feathers, find one with a down barrier between the feathers and the body. Otherwise, in time, the feather's quill may come through the fabric ticking -- and no one wants a poke from a quill in the middle of the night! Also, look for a brand with an extensive cleaning process and is hypoallergenic. Reinforced seam stitching is key -- this will add to the life of the bed.

What about thread count?

Thread count is not really important. Look for ones that specifically have featherbed ticking or at least a fabric covering that is strong and durable yet soft and breathable.

Caring for your feather bed

Once you get your new feather bed home, use a protector (Amazon and Overstock.com sell several options) and wash it with your linens. To revive a flattened or lumpy feather bed, simply shake and fluff when changing sheets. Sometimes damp climates can create a slight odor with the feather bed. If that happens, lay it in the sun for several hours or place a dehumidifier in your bedroom.

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-- Sarah Newell

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