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How to Care For a Vegetable Garden

To get the plumpest tomatoes and the crispiest lettuce on the block, follow these simple veggie gardening tips.

Photo: ZSP

If you’ve decided to grow your own veggies, you’ll have to ensure that they’re properly cared for -- after all, they will end up on your dinner table. Vegetable gardens require a good amount of water -- don’t ever let the soil dry out. It should remain moderately moist at all times, which means watering it on your own during dry periods.

The right time to pick depends on the plant -- generally, you’ll know when it looks ready to eat. (Since we’re mostly talking about simple, above-ground plants here, there’s no real guesswork to do.) One word of caution: If you’re growing lettuce or other salad greens, make sure to pick them before they start to flower. Otherwise, the leaves will taste bitter.

Nestpert: Thomas McClain is a Minnesota landscape designer and owner of GrowWithDesign.com.

-- The Nest Editors

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