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How to Clean Art

Keep your growing art collection sparkling with these five tips.

Photo: Jayne Wexler

1. To avoid damage, frame your new artwork as quickly as you can. If it's rolled up in a tube, flatten it out right away.

2. Choose a frame with UV protective coating and hang it away from direct sunlight. Make sure any lighting in the room is at least 10 inches away from it.

3. Dust regularly with a feather duster. It's better to do this once a week or so, rather than for one in-depth cleaning since dust can settle into a painting over time.

4. If your art is covered with glass, use an ammonia-free cleaner. Don't spray directly onto the glass -- instead, put the cleaner onto a cloth and then wipe the glass.

5. Avoid touching a painting with your bare hands so that you don't transfer natural oils, acids, and salts. Use powder-free latex or white cotton gloves.

Now learn how to frame your art.

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