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A kitchen pegboard is a great way to store all the items you like to have at hand -- it’s practical and looks pretty cool. Here’s how to make one.

1. Start by getting everything you’ll need in order. On that list should be a pegboard, two 1x2 inch planks the height of the pegboard, wooden screws, plastic drywall anchors, a drill, a level, a tape measure, a pencil, paint (semigloss or high-gloss is easiest to wipe down) along with a tray, roller, and all different pegboard hooks.

2. Use your tape measure, pencil, and level to mark exactly where the vertical edges of the pegboard will go on the wall. Then, measure an inch inward from the vertical marks to mark where you want the drywall anchors. Place one at the top, bottom, and about every two feet in between.

3. Check with the level to make sure the anchors are aligned right, and then drill them into the wall.

4. Line up the 1x2s against the wall with the one-inch side against the wall and the two-inch side perpendicular, using the level to check that they’re lined up straight. Drill a wooden screw through the 1x2 and into each drywall anchor.

5. Put your pegboard up against the wall, with its long edges lining up with the long edges of the 1x2s. Put wooden screws through the pegboard holes along each edge, and drill through the hole and into the 1x2. Use as many screws as necessary so that the pegboard is totally sturdy.

6. Use the paint, tray, and roller to paint the pegboard whatever color you desire. Use thin layers so that the holes don’t get clogged with paint. Once the first layer of paint dries, add another coat.

7. Arrange the hooks on the pegboard, and hang up whatever tools and pans you desire!

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-- Paula Kashtan

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