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How to Create a Magazine-Worthy Tablescape

Wish your coffee table clutter looked more like a perfectly staged pic from your favorite magazine? It can.

Photo: Ellen Silverman

Tables weren’t made to be bare. Period. Give your coffee and end tables some flair with these super-easy tips:

  • Collect three large coffee table books, and stack them pyramid-style going from large to small. If you don’t love the dust jackets, remove them. Often, even cheap books have beautiful spines under the paper.
  • Fill a nice vase with fresh flowers. They don’t need to be expensive -- you’d be surprised how great daisies or carnations can look.
  • Add a great big glass or silver bowl or vessel. The idea is to add something with a bit of sparkle and gleam and also to incorporate a variety of shapes. If your flower vase is tall and columnar, go with a low, wide-mouth bowl. If your vase is round, choose a large hurricane style piece.
  • That’s it! There’s lots of room to inject your own personality through the books you choose, the style of the vase and bowl, and your favorite flowers.
  • Nestpert: Minnesota designer Jay Nuhring, author of the blog "Loving What You Have."

-- The Nest Editors

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