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How to Create a Vision/Inspiration Board for your Home

Why create a vision or inspiration board? It’s a great way to channel the feel of what you want to accomplish in a room or your home without actually having to pick out specific products or do anything permanent. You can show it to your designer or use it to keep yourself on track as you decorate. A few tips as you make your board:

* Start with a big bulletin board to post your inspirations on. Don’t worry at first about making the board itself look beautiful. The point is to pick out things you like, and then the board will naturally come together as your tastes start to show.

* Think of a theme: say, colors you’re really into, or a decor era. Don’t get stuck here, though; if you can’t think of something right off the bat, look through magazines and materials for inspiration. Pick a picture or other element that appeals to you, and use that as a starting point for your theme. (You can also just work with absolutely anything that appeals to you, but it might get a little bit overwhelming to try and see that as a cohesive board.)

* Magazines and catalogues are a great place to start for photos. Rip out ads and articles that visually appeal to you, even if they have nothing to do with home decor. The point is the feeling and aesthetic they evoke, not their actual products.

* Go online and check out decor blogs and shops. Print out photos of fabrics, rooms, products, and anything else that catches your eye. Pin these to the board, too.

* Go to a wallpaper store and see if they have any outdated wallpaper books; often, they’re willing to give them away for free. Page through the book, and rip out anything that catches your eye. This goes up on the board, too.

* Visit your local paint store, and pick out paint samples that you like. If you’re having trouble with other areas of inspiration, this might be a good starting place -- color is pretty simple. Don’t agonize over what to choose. If you like two different greens, grab them both!

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-- Paula Kashtan

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