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How to Create Alternate Room Layouts

Bored with what’s going on in your bedroom/living room/dining room/whatever room? Invite a few friends (and their fresh pairs of eyes) over. Sometimes, all it takes is someone else taking a look at the same things you’ve been staring at for the last million months to get a spark of inspiration. Then, roll up your sleeves and just start moving stuff around.

Photo: Ellen Silverman

Start by flip-flopping sides and moving furniture to face opposite directions. Try centering your space around a fireplace in the cooler months and the windows in the warmer months. Don’t be afraid to “float” furniture -- not everything should be pushed against the wall. Think outside the box -- just because something generally stays on the ground doesn’t mean you can’t mount it. (Sometimes, a glass of wine first can help. Seriously!)

Nestpert: Jennifer Bertrand, Season Three HGTV Design Star Winner.

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-- Paula Kashtan

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