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How to Decide How Much TV Is Too Much for Your Space

Go with the right tv size that fits your habit.

Really, this one’s all about lifestyle. If you and your partner are big TV-watchers, go with something that fits your habit. If TV isn’t so important to you, pick a smaller television (or none at all). Kitchens are great spaces for small TVs. But in a family room, you’ll want something larger. No matter how large your TV is, there are ways to hide it when you’re not watching or to avoid making it the focal point of the room. In the end, though, if you try to design a room in a way that doesn’t match what you intend to use it for, you’ll end up uncomfortable and unhappy, with a lot of wasted time and money.

Nestpert: Jennifer Bertrand, Season Three HGTV Design Star Winner.

Now that You Have the Right TV, Learn How to Treat Your Flat-Screen TV Like a Work of Art.

-- Paula Kashtan

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