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How to Decide: Medicine Cabinet or Mirror

Hmm...the modern look of a mirror or the easy access of a medicine cabinet? Here's how to choose.

Do you actually take medicine? If you tend to treat every sniffle with a cup of tea, you may not need the extra space. A medicine cabinet could end up sitting empty -- save for the odd toothbrush.

Is your bathroom drawer a jumbled mess? Bathroom (aka junk) drawers have a tendency to become graveyards filled with lotions, sprays, colognes, and free samples you’ll never use. A medicine cabinet could be your haven. There, you’ll store all the items you actually reach for every day.

Do you have a pedestal sink? If you don’t actually have drawers in your bathroom, you’re definitely going to need somewhere to put stuff.

Are you super-private? No medicine cabinet? No place for people to snoop during parties. Just sayin’.

-- The Nest Editors

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