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How to Decorate Using Cloches and Domes

First, here’s a history lesson. Cloches and domes first became famous in England during the Victorian period, soon after the Ottoman Empire was driven back and Europe gained control over much of the Middle East -- and their ports. This meant more traveling abroad, and the beginning of the practice of touring and collecting treasures to bring back home. The first zoos popped up during this time, as did the need for… cloches!

When tourists started collecting plants from tropical places and other different climates, cloches entered the picture. The bell-shaped glass domes are used to create a humid environment and keep in moisture, mimicking the natural climate of these collected plants.

So, how does this translate to modern times? Cloches and domes are perfect for a single prized plant that thrives in a humid environment -- carnivorous plants like the Venus flytrap are great for this situation. They can also cover figurines and trinkets. Think about using one as a centerpiece on a big coffee table with some large picture books that draw out the colors of the room. Your cloche will also look beautiful on a side table, or a little showpiece table to anchor the corner of a room.

Nestpert: Thomas McClain is a Minnesota landscape designer; visit his company, GROW, at www.GrowWithDesign.com

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-- Paula Kashtan

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