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How to Decorate with Color

Add some color to your home with these helpful tips.

Stick to 60-30-10
Color 60 percent of the room (like walls) with the dominant hue; 30 percent with the secondary color; and 10 percent with the accent color.

Ditch 50/50
Never, ever apply colors equally. One shade should always assume space domination (rowr!).

Balance the Bold
With neutrals Seeking a richer, more dramatic effect? Loosen up the palette and incorporate whites and soft grays.

Develop a Color Scheme
Got a favorite teal and wasabi green plaid love seat? Don't be shy; play with this odd couple. Invite a grounding force to the party, like navy blue. Voilà! That's one serious, jaw-dropping setup.

Play it Safe
It's hip to be trendy, but beware when decorating. Just keep in mind that it's a whole lot easier to add color later, so don't overdo it now.

-- The Nest Editors

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