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How to Decorate with Photography

This one's simple, right? Just have a nice photo framed and throw it up on the wall? Sure, you can do it that way. But there are so many more fun ways to play with photography. Here are a few:

Photo: Joseph Montezinos / The Nest

Blow it up

Instead of a small, predictable framed photo, go for something poster-sized. Or group four smaller photos in a poster frame. This is especially good if you’re going for a modern or contemporary look.

Change the tone

Black and white or sepia tones look great on most photographs and can make something really colorful a little more neutral if that suits a room better.

Wallpaper it

Your photography doesn’t have to be framed -- in fact, you can use copies of the same photo in whatever size you like to create a cool wallpaper effect. Try it on just one wall as a focal point to see what you think.

Crop close

Most photos look better when closely cropped. It can be tempting to try and tell the whole story in that one photograph, but you don’t have to. Zooming in creates more interest and mystery.

Get help

If you’re having trouble knowing what direction to go in, talk to a local art teacher or student; their advice is free and they probably have cheap, good resources for projects like this. There are a lot more places out there to get help than you realize!

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Nestpert: Jennifer Bertrand, season three Design Star winner .

-- Paula Kashtan