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How to Decorate with Throws

Think of throw blankets as items meant to be used, not decor objects -- otherwise, it's easy to go overboard. Here are a few ways to work throws into your home.

Photo: Ellen Silverman

One per room
As a general rule, you should go with one throw per room. (Keep more in the linen closet if you want to have them on hand). We’re not crazy about the “draped-over-every-chair” look; it can get a little bordello.

Keep it neat

When they’re not in use, throws should be neat and cleanly folded, not just...well, thrown over whatever spare surface you can find. Take the extra minute to fold and place nicely, it’s worth it.

Go utilitarian

Throws are one item that actually shouldn’t appear to be part of the design; they should appear to be something you can use. Make them easily accessible and part of your home. After all, they are there to be used.

Cover it up

If you have dogs, kids, or other small creatures running around your home, a throw can be used to hide tons of imperfections on a chair or sofa. (Just remember that when someone picks up that throw, your little secret will be out…)

One for the bedroom

Keep a simple throw folded neatly at the foot of your bed. This is ideal for when you’re watching TV or reading during the day and need a little extra warmth, but don’t want to get all the way under the covers and mess up your bed.

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Nestpert: Grayson Handy, co-owner and creative director of Prudence Designs and Events and author of the book Flowers for the Home: Inspirations from the World Over

-- Paula Kashtan