How to Dress Up Your Radiator Space

Robert and Cortney Novogratz from Sixx Design (and Bravo's 9 By Design) take this nook from rehab to fab.

The Challenge: Help! I can't stand my clunky radiator taking up all this space and blocking the heat. --Crickett088

The Solution: "Everyone knows it's a radiator; don't try to hide it, embrace it!" says Cortney. First, remove the window seat and wood casing around the radiator to open up the space and make the room feel larger.

Paint: Paint over the entire wall and the exposed radiator to unify the space. A fun and unexpected color really brightens the room -- especially for this nook that gets light only in the late afternoon.

Curtains: Dress the window in a soft black-and-white-striped fabric panel for a modern look. The bold stripes will pull your eye up and away from the radiator and the pattern plays up the radiator's lines.

Lightin: Hang an elegant chandelier on the left side of the window. Not everything should be centered in the room -- items that are askew or asymmetrical create a more dynamic space.

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-- Sarah Newell

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