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How to Fake a Bedroom Renovation

You’re dying to redo the bedroom, but you just don’t have enough money for a full-on renovation. What should you do? Start by trying out some of the tips below.

Photo: Mark Lund


Do something simple like painting a band of color behind your bed and up onto the ceiling -- instant canopy! Remember, your ceiling is an element too -- sometimes just painting it the same color as the walls will give your room a whole new look.

Think Up

Stick with the ceiling theme, and think about how you can change the upper third of the room. One idea: drop a pendant light down from a corner and put a chair under it -- instant reading nook!

Change a Wall

If the ceiling is just too high for you, try painting one wall as a focal point. Or wallpaper that one wall. If your room is already painted, paint one wall the same color a few shades darker, or get really crazy and paint it an entirely different color.

Take Off Your Doors

No, not your bedroom door. Try replacing your closet doors with a pretty curtain. This is great if you’re going for an artsy, eclectic look.

Create a Headboard

If what you really want is a new bed, make yourself an instant headboard by framing a piece of pretty fabric and putting it right behind your bed on the wall. Super cheap, and it’ll give your room a totally new feeling.

Nestpert: Jennifer Bertrand, Season Three HGTV Design Star Winner.

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-- Paula Kashtan

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