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How to Get That Four-Star Hotel Vibe at Home

Here's how to make your bedroom boutique hotel-chic.

Photo: Mark Lund

Wish your bedroom gave you the decadent, pampered feel of your favorite hotel suite? Here are some steps to help you get the look. But you’ll have to put the chocolates on the pillow all by yourself.

Install a few light sources. Lighting is one way that hotels have homes beat. Provide bedside lighting along with overhead. That way, when he’s ready to snooze, you’ll be able to keep reading if you like.

Buy a long bench. A bench placed at the foot of a bed is the perfect spot for a last-minute shoe change. It’s also a great place to stash throws, extra pillows, or quilts, in case you need them in the night.

Hang your headboard high. At least four inches from the top of the mattress, or go higher for a dramatic look. Almost every top-notch hotel makes the bed the star of the room. You should too.

Raise your bed. The higher you go, the more luxurious you’ll feel. Keep in mind you actually want to be able to get into it, so don’t go too wild.

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-- The Nest Editors

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