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How to Hide Your TV from Plain View

No matter how much (totally warranted) love you have for your high-def TiVo and Blu-ray Disc playing television, you don’t necessarily love how it looks as a decor piece. Even less bulky flat-screen televisions can still be an eyesore. So how to hide that much-loved blemish when it’s not being used?

The easiest route is with a cabinet or armoire. You can get one specifically designed for a television, or you can take a risk and cut some holes for cords and cables in the back of one that wasn’t necessarily designed for that purpose. (This’ll open up your options tremendously.)

For flat-screens, it’s now possible to mount a piece of art over the television on arms that lift up when you’re watching, then bring the piece back down to cover the television when you’re finished.

If you’re tight on space and know how to sew, make a “pillowcase” in a fun, graphic pattern that will cover the television when not in use.

Nestpert: Jennifer Bertrand, Season Three HGTV Design Star Winner.

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-- Paula Kashtan

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