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How to Improve Your Garden Soil

Give your plants a boost with some extra fertilization.

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If you’ve tested your soil and realized that it isn’t ideal for growing your favorite plants, don’t despair -- it’s easy to improve. It’s likely that the dirt you’re using is clay soil -- a type of soil that most plants don’t like it because it retains moisture (making it soggy) and then dries into a brick.

You can use peet moss, composted manure, or a combination of both to amend your soil. About that composted manure -- it’s not as gross as it sounds. We swear it’s not poop. Just buy it from a reputable vendor, and make sure it’s free of any weeds and clumps.

To improve your soil, mix the peet moss and/or composted manure with your own soil using a roto-rooter or a shovel. Try to get in at least a foot down so that your plants can root and grow in the fertile mixed soil.

Nestpert: Thomas McClain is a Minnesota landscape designer and owner of GrowWithDesign.com.

-- The Nest Editors

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