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How to Personalize Your Bedroom

So...your newly decorated bedroom looks a bit cookie cutter? Here's how to fix that fast.

Photo: Ellen Silverman

Personalize: Turn your own photos into art. It's easy -- just upload your favorite photo and have it reprinted poster-size (maybe even on canvas). There are a number of online print giants that can do a great job for a lot less than you'd think. Add a simple frame…and voila.

Mix it up: Toss something old and slightly imperfect into the mix. Whether it’s a blanket passed down from your grandmother or a dresser your parents had when they first moved in together, a one-of-a-kind piece will make the space feel more like home.

Stop being so serious: Include something whimsical. You and your guy should each pick one not-so-traditional object d’art, a la Jonathan Adler ceramics.

Get sentimental: Display a few keepsakes. No, maybe not the blue ribbon you won in your third-grade science fair. We’re talking ticket stubs from your favorite concerts or postcards from your travels -- something that speaks to the cool life you lead now.

-- The Nest Editors

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