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How to Create a Sophisticated Bedroom

You're all grown up -- but your bedroom didn't get the memo. Here's how to make it come of age.

Photo: Mark Lund

De-doily: For starters, lose the frou-frou comforter. Your new sophisticated bedroom wears monochromatic (think gender-neutral) colors. Patterns are still welcome; just skip anything inherently girlie like floral or gingham. A cotton sheet and comforter set in the highest thread count you can afford is always a fail-safe move.

Kill the clutter: Unless you live in a studio apartment, you've got a whole slew of other rooms in which to stash your junk. So come on -- kick it out of the bedroom. Move the lotions and perfumes to the bathroom, and keep only necessities in a drawer on your nightstand. Be honest, are you still reading that? Banish the pile of books to the shelf...in the living room.

Frame photos: And by that, we mean ditch the college collage: It may have been cool to tack dozens of snapshots on a bulletin board when you lived in a dorm, but it’s time to pick your favorites and give them the special attention they deserve. (Extra points if you turn them into black-and-white prints.) Even cooler? Real art. Scour art fairs and flea markets for affordable pieces.

Give it some color: It's hard to create ambiance in a stark white room. By painting the walls a rich neutral, your room will feel warmer and more inviting. Plus -- it's a really low cost way to crank up the vibe fast.

Dim the lights. If there's one thing we've learned, it's that lighting is crucial. Your room can go from ultra-bright to sexy and smoldering with just the touch of a button. Just have a dimmer switch installed. Best of all, it will take an electrician less than an hour, so it shouldn't cost a ton.

-- The Nest Editors

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