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How to Make Your Bedroom More Tranquil

Your bedroom should invite you in as you enter it. Most importantly, it should be a place you can relax, rest, and have sweet dreams. Here are two quick updates to make your bedroom more soothing.

Photo: Mark Lund


As always, color is the easiest thing to play with. Blues and greens, though predictable, are often the most tranquil-feeling, spa-like colors. If another color is more soothing to you, though, by all means go for it.


Another easy way to add a calm element is with a duvet, which is used far more frequently in Europe. To get a new look in your bedroom, you don't need to get a whole new comforter set, just switch out your duvet. Look for one that's double sided, and you'll have even more options: When your mood changes, just flip the comforter!

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Nestpert: Jennifer Bertrand, season three Design Star winner.

-- Paula Kashtan