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How to Mix Patterns in Your Bedroom

Want that eclectic, designer look without looking like you tried too hard? It's actually easier than it looks. Patterns, colors, and textures can mix harmoniously with these simple tricks.

Photo: Mark Lund

Metallicize Your Wall

One papered wall creates a mural, but four papered walls create a headache! Just pick the largest wall, and paper with a metallic print like this one for a shimmer during the day and a warm glow at night.

Create a Solid Break

A busy room needs a focal point and an area for your eye to rest. Adding a pop of solid bright color with a sleek lamp like this yellow one does the trick.

Use White Strategically

Keep structural elements like the window seat and bedside table white so they'll recede in an eclectic room.

Choose a Color Scheme for Bedding

Layer several graphic patterns in the same hue for the perfect mix of textiles. A black and white duvet and pillows give this room a modern touch.

Establish an Anchor

The rug is about 30 percent of what you see in a room so choose a solid neutral one that will anchor a colorful space and always be in style.

-- Sarah Newell

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