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How to Nail Boutique a Hotel Bathroom

Who wouldn’t want to have a plush, relaxing hotel bathroom in their own home? Here’s how to capture that look for yourself.

- Paint your walls with soothing, neutral colors or lighter tones.

- Consider an open glass shower. If that’s too much of an expense, upgrade to a really luxurious showerhead that has several options for water pressure.

- Hang art that’s suitably protected from moisture in your bathroom.

- Spring for big, thick towels... big, thick robes… big, thick slippers… you get where we’re going here.

- Keep it as uncluttered as possible, and then arrange whatever must remain out in attractive containers like wooden baskets.

- If you’re picking out a new bathtub, make sure it’s really deep, with a lot of room for soaking and relaxing.

- A trick hotels often use: making the whole wall behind the sink into a mirror. It makes the room look bigger.

Nestpert: Jay Nuhring, a Minnesota-based designer.

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-- Paula Kashtan

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