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How to Nail Earthy

For an earthy home, the basics are pretty...basic: Go to the earth, and don’t overdesign. Here’s a few simple ways to do that.

Decorate with plants

For an earthy look, you’re going to have to share your space with something living. Invest in a ponytail palm tree or a big beautiful cactus that will almost read as a sculpture in your home. Fresh flowers are also always a nice treat.

Go rustic

Look for rustic design elements like farm tables and distressed furnishings with imperfections, chipped paint, and worn spots. Rather than looking old and tired, this makes your furniture look like it has history and is individual.

Find ethnic appeal

Primitive, ethnic pieces are a great way to give your home an organic feel. Anything polished and showroomy is definitely not the way to go, and primitive is about as far as you can get from that category.

Reflect your surroundings

Whether you’re in the desert southwest or the mountainous northeast, find accessories and elements that reflect your area and its history. Bringing the more primal aspects of your surroundings into your home is the perfect way to merge the inside and the outdoors.

Nestpert: Grayson Handy, co-owner and creative director of Prudence Designs and Events, and author of the new book Flowers for the Home: Inspirations from the World Over.

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-- Paula Kashtan

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