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How to Nail Eclectic Decor

The Key to eclectic design? Confidence! Ready to break all the design rules? Let's go.

Photo: Mark Lund

Carefully read the rules of traditional design. Then crumple them up in a ball and forget them...here are some simple tips on achieving the perfect eclectic decor style.

  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match different decor styles -- say, eight mid-century plastic chairs surrounding a rustic farm table or a late nineteenth-century oil painting hung above a chrome and leather sofa.
  • Look to your childhood treasures -- mix these with your grown-up collection of furnishings and knickknacks. Not only will it add instant style, but it’s a neat way to personalize your space and inject character.
  • When you hang your artwork, make it a little off center...or, pretty much wherever you like.
  • Go all the way -- if you’re going for the eclectic style, go for it. And don’t try too hard to orchestrate it -- eclectic style builds upon itself in an organic fashion.

Nestpert: Minnesota designer Jay Nuhring, author of the blog "Loving What You Have".

-- The Nest Editors

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