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How to Nail Loft style

The loft look is pretty similar to the urban look, but it’s a little more industrial. Here’s how to get it, in a few easy steps.

Photo: Mark Lund

Get weathered

Brick walls and exposed ceilings (actually, exposed anything) are the essence of the loft look. Both those elements are structural in nature and more luck of the draw. If your home doesn’t come with them, they’re pretty tough to cheaply re-create. You’re not totally out of luck, though -- there are other ways to get that loft vibe.

Keep it open

The loft look involves as few walls as possible. Living areas are separated by a bookshelf or the back of a couch instead of a door and a wall. Often, the whole second floor is open to the ground level. Again, it can be hard to achieve this look if your home doesn’t come this way, but you can definitely give thought to the open feel when you’re designing.

Stainless steel

You should be able to find good stainless steel almost anywhere. Use it in the kitchen, for tables or banisters, as an accent, and pretty much anywhere else you can think of.

Think modern

The edgy loft look calls for modern or contemporary furnishings. Artwork should fit this bill, too: Huge pieces of art or photography are a great way to accent your lofty home. (Check out college art sales for cheap, original art.)

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-- Paula Kashtan

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