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How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Everything you need to know about painting your kitchen cabinets.

Before you start painting anything in your kitchen (or any other room, for that matter), stop and make sure you have a plan for the entire area in your head: Consider the backsplashes, counters, and every other element in the room. Once you have an idea of how everything is going to fit together, you’re ready to pick up a brush and roller (or a paint sprayer -- you can rent or buy one; it’s easier to use than you probably think and gives a great and consistent look).

For timid painters, a good ways to start is to paint your kitchen island, treating it like a piece of furniture. This way, you can get a different look without going all the way.

Or, if you’re ready to take the cabinet plunge but are concerned about going too far with color, try a navy-blue, black, or linen paint for a classic, understated look. If you don’t have nice wood, do a dark-walnut gel stain overglaze to get the stained look.

More confident painters can have some fun: Paint the upper part a color, and leave the bottom neutral. See what speaks to you, and then get started!

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-- Paula Kashtan

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