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How to Place Side Tables

There’s a definite art to side table setup -- here’s how to create the perfect arrangement.

Photo: Ellen Silverman

Think of side tables as your coffee table's little soldiers: They have to be in perfect position in order to be functional and effective. Here are some tips on finding the best spot for them:

  • First, know where you need a table. Basically, someone should be able to reach a table and set down a cocktail from any seat in the room without standing up.
  • If you have a sofa and a chair that are perpendicular to each other, use an end table to fill in the corner that's created between them.
  • An accent chair further removed from the sofa needs its own side table (when in doubt remember the drink rule).
  • The table should be the same height (this is ideal) or slightly higher than the arm of the furniture it's next to. Keep in mind the rule of hierarchy -- the main occasional table should be the highest, and additional tables should decrease in height according to their prominence.
  • Nestpert: Minnesota designer Jay Nuhring, author of the blog "Loving What You Have."

-- The Nest Editors

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