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How to Plant a Low Maintenance Garden

Let’s start this one off with a quick riddle: Q: How did the gardener get a low-maintenance garden? A: He planted low-maintenance plants! Sounds simple, but that’s really the best advice we can offer. (Plus, it really is that simple.) It’s important to remember, though, there’s no such thing as a no maintenance garden. Sorry, but they just don’t exist. Any garden project you take on will require some amount of care and work. There are some ways to make it easier, though.

Nix the delicates

Fragile plants like garden phlox, hollyhocks, and delphiniums, though beautiful when blooming, need extra care and protection from diseases as well as special soil. In other words, a no-go if you’re looking for low-maintenance.

Skip the aggressive perennials

While plants like bee balm, yarrow, and plum poppy are beautiful, their creeping stems tend to take over gardens and require constant pruning and dividing to keep them contained. No, thank you.

Choose small plants

Dwarf and slow-growing plants like roses, heather, dwarf spruce, and compact boxwood are great options. You won’t have to trim them as often (if at all) to keep them from overgrowing and ruining your view.

Know your zone

Make sure you pick plants that are suited to your climate zone. Not certain exactly which zone you’re located in? No problem. Check out our guide to help you figure it out.

-- Paula Kashtan

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