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How to Pot an Indoor Tree

Sure, they all look nice and healthy in the nursery...but looks can be deceiving. Here's how to pick a winner.

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When you’re looking for a grown plant to transport into your garden, your first instinct may not be the best bet. While your eye will likely be drawn to the most beautiful, blooming flowers, chances are good that they’re a day or two from being spent.

Look into the center of the plant (also known as the crown) and see if there are any unopened flower buds. These are a good sign of blooming still to come. You’ll have a nice show once you plant the flower, and it should continue to grow. Also make sure the leaves look healthy and aren’t damaged in any way.

Nestpert: Thomas McClain is a Minnesota landscape designer and owner of GrowWithDesign.com.

-- The Nest Editors

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