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How to Reinvent a Staircase

Reinventing your staircase can seem like a lot of work, but our editors have affordable tips to give your staircase a new look.

The easiest and most cost-efficient way to give your staircase a new look is by painting or even wallpapering the front of each step. Use an accent color or a pattern, and don’t be afraid to go bold: It’s a small area where you can really let yourself have fun. If your staircase is seen head-on right when you walk in the front door, think about what kind of “hello” message you want your house to send.

Another place to make an easy change is the banister. Paint the spindles (the little things that attach the banister to the wall) with a wrought-iron or bronze color to give it a rustic (but new-to-you) look.

Nestpert: Jennifer Bertrand, season three Design Star winner.

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-- Paula Kashtan

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