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How to Sleep Comfortably with Allergies

Here's how to save your slumber if you suffer from allergies.

Suffering from allergies can be a major bummer, especially when it messes with your sleep. Here are some ways to save your slumber.

First on the list: If you’re allergic to something that can be removed from the room, do it. You’d be surprised how many people skip this obvious step.

If seasonal or environmental allergies are plaguing your sleep, keep the windows closed to prevent pollen from getting in.

Keep the room cool. Being hot will only make you more uncomfortable.

Consider buying a HEPA filter for the room. It’s basically a high-efficiency air filter that can clean it of all impurities (think: the stuff that’s irritating your allergies).

Use a gentle supplement such as stinging nettle capsules or a homeopathic remedy for inflammation. Both are calming and can soothe allergic reactions.

Special thanks to Dr. Roberta Lee, integrative medicines specialist and author of The SuperStress Solution.

-- The Nest Editors

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