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How to Upgrade Your Showerhead

With these easy steps you can skip the call to a handyman and do it yourself.

Photo: EMI Interior Design

Longing for a more luxurious showerhead but don’t want to shell out the cash for a pricy install? Relax, it’s easy to do on your own with these simple steps.

  • Choose your showerhead. These days you can find rain-style showerheads that are actually low-flow and environmentally smart.
  • Use an adjustable wrench wrapped in a rag to unscrew the existing showerhead. The rag will help you avoid scratching the chrome, which is important because if you live in a rental, you’ll need to replace the old showerhead when moving out.
  • To avoid drips, wrap the threads of the shower arm (that’s the thing coming out of the wall) with Teflon plumber’s tape (you can find this at any hardware store).
  • Use your rag-wrapped wrench to screw on the new showerhead, stopping when it’s hand-tight.

Nestpert: Kevin Lichten, AIA is a founder and principal of LichtenCraig.com, a New York architecture and design firm.

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