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How to Use Blogs for Decor Inspiration

These days, there’s no need to buy decor books to get inspiration -- just look online.

First, check out some of our favorite blogs:

The Nest’s Daily Decor (http://ideas.thenest.com/decor-tricks/home-decor-trends.aspx)

Design*Sponge (http://www.designspongeonline.com/)

Decor8 (http://decor8blog.com/)

How About Orange (http://howaboutorange.blogspot.com/)

Start by looking through the posts here for inspiration. Just read the blogs straight through chronologically, or click on the tags (usually found down the left or right side, or horizontally across the top) to narrow down the topics you’re looking for.

Once you’ve looked through a blog, check out the site’s blogroll; that’s the list of other sites that the blogger recommends. Again, this list is usually down the left or right column, or there might be a link to a whole separate page. Looking through other blogs will give you all sorts of different inspiration -- you’ll find products, vision boards, real homes, and tons more.

As you look through blogs, you’ll probably find ones that you like better than others. To easily keep track of them all in one place, set up an RSS feed with a site like Google Reader or newsgator. To do this, go to the blog’s site and in the URL bar at the top, you should find a blue or orange square icon with diagonal arcs. Just click the icon button to add the blog to your RSS feed. Then, you won’t have to keep checking back at every blog you like for new posts; you can just check your RSS feed regularly and see when new posts come up on every blog. So easy!

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-- Paula Kashtan

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