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How to Use Wall Decals

Wall decals are perfect for an apartment or other rental where you can’t do anything to the walls. They don’t require paint or any holes and are made specifically for walls so they don’t leave any yucky residue when you peel them off. Here are a few fun ways to use them:

Photo: Mark Lund

- Have one peeking out of a corner or from behind a piece of furniture. You don’t even have to use the whole decal if you want to go this route; just cut off the part that you don’t want, stick the rest on the wall, and you’ve got a quirky, mysterious touch for your room!

- Curve a set of decals up or down your walls in a pattern, say, as a focal point on just one wall. This will add a big, bright burst of color without overwhelming the room.

- With a smaller, less busy pattern, do a whole wall and make it look like wallpaper. You can even try to do the whole room -- just be sure to use a level so all align.

- Create a makeshift headboard right above and behind your bed, if you don’t already have one. The fun decal will totally make up for the fact that you lack a headboard.

Nestpert: Jennifer Bertrand, season three Design Star winner (http://www.hgtv.com/paint-over/show/index.html)

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-- Paula Kashtan

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