Decor Q&A: Bathroom Floor Heating?


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I’ve heard it’s not too expensive to add heating to the bathroom floor. Can we do it ourselves?


You heard right! Typically, radiant heat mats are installed between the subfloor and the tiles. There are a number of companies who make these, including Warmly Yours and NuHeat. The process involves hot gluing the mats to the floor, tiling over them, and wiring the mats and the thermostat to your electricity system. Warmly Yours provides an online estimate so you can check pricing; matting for a small six- by six-foot bathroom, for example, may cost just under $400, but bigger bathrooms can run up to $1,000.

It’s a doable project for DIYers (though the electrical wiring should be done by an electrician). Some floor heating, however, is made from a product with hot water running through it, which you don’t want to attempt to install yourself becasue it'll take many hours and a lot of aggravation. Make sure to inquire before you buy.

Nestpert Judy Scott of The Home Depot

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