Decor QA: Best Bathroom Paint?


What type of paint should you use for a bathroom?


Like those long, steamy showers? Use a semi-gloss or glossy latex paint in the bathroom. If you’re repainting over semi-gloss already, prime the wall first or your paint won’t stick (especially if you're putting water-based paint on top of oil-based paint). If you see mildew on the wall (especially common in high-moisture areas like bathrooms) kill it before you paint -- otherwise you’ll end up with mildew growing in the paint, which is harder to destroy. Nix it with bleach and wateror a cleaner with “mildewcide” in it, then let the surface fully dry. To be safe, use a mildew-resistant paint like Behr’s Premium Plus Sateen.

Judy Scott of The Home Depot

-- The Nest Editors

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