Decor Q&A: Bedroom Flooring?


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What flooring or rug is best for a bedroom?


The ideal floor is either wall-to-wall carpet to keep your feet happy or wood flooring (try eco-friendly bamboo) with a plush rug on top, like a fun shag or patterned sisal (if you don't mind the texture). Since most bedroom floors are covered mostly by the, uh, bed, where should you put the rug? Position a rectangular shaped one so at least two feet of the edge can be seen from under the foot and either side of the bed. And remember: When you’re testing a rug for your bedroom, take your shoes and socks off and test it barefoot so you know what it will feel like under your feet when you wake up.

Nestpert Travis George, interior designer and design consultant for Space Modern in Atlanta, Georgia

-- Amy Spencer

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